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Your Trees are Our Business

Don’t wait until the tree gets unstable or until it is overgrown. If we need to take it down, the larger and more dangerous the situation the more difficult and expensive the project. Even if we are just trimming back, each time you cut a tree or bush, you are hurting it and it needs time to heal or it can easily get diseased.

If a tree is diseased or dying, the “well we’ll just see what happens” mentality could:

  • Allow the disease to spread to other trees
  • Compromise the tree’s structural integrity to the point where it endangers others and also requires specialized procedures for removal.

Save money and your property by addressing problems while the work can be done using standard methods.

Removing Trees Should Be Done By A Professional

If you are not sure you need a full removal, our technicians are trained to examine and evaluate your trees and bushes to determine if a removal is necessary or if there is another solution to save the tree.

Here are a few sins that show that a tree may be ailing. If you notice any of tehse, please call us out immediately. The early we find the problem, the easier the solution.

  • Large dead branches
  • Vertical cracks or seams in trunk
  • Fungus growing near base
  • Sudden sprouts coming from base
  • Concentration of dead branches on one side of tree
  • Large, old wounds that don’t seal
  • Hollow sound when knocking

There are many other indicators your tree could be sick or dying. Don’t Wait Until the Tree Gets Unstable

Removing Trees Should Be Done By A Professional

Our team prides itself in truthful transparency. We have stayed in business by developing long-lasting relationships with our customers in Gwinnett, Dekalb, Cherokee, Cobb and Fulton County. We are always upfront about risk assessment and the pros and cons of each removal and will always educate you on the options.

It is essential that you choose a tree care company that has well trained, insured staff. Choosing the wrong tree compnay could be an expensive mistake!

Keep Your Property Safe and Beautiful