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There are many situations in the Atlanta metro area which pruning or trimming isn't enough and removing a tree in the becomes necessary, particularly whenever a tree becomes a hazard to people or property due to growth patterns, size, storm, erosion, or accident. Other times it is because the tree is growing too close to power lines, or it its roots begin to damage your home’s piping, adjoining sidewalks or even the foundation of your home.

On the flip side, it could also be because its root system has been already been significantly disturbed by nearby activity unrelated to the tree. utility work or a neighboring construction product can disturb and cut root systems that stretch beyond your property.

Most commonly, a tree is removed in whole because the tree is showing signs of irreversible disease or is dying of natural causes such as age and size.


Signs a Tree May Be Ailing

There are many other indicators your tree could be sick or dying, but here are a few top things to look for

  • Large dead branches
  • Vertical cracks or seams in trunk
  • Fungus growing near base
  • Sudden sprouts coming from base
  • Concentration of dead branches on one side of tree
  • Large, old wounds that don’t seal
  • Hollow sound when knocking

Tree Removal

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