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Our Arborists Prune With Precision

You can't just hack off a limb from a tree without the potential for problems.

If we had to make an analogy, we would say pruning is surgery for a tree. It removes dead and diseased branches that can infect the whole system. Just like a doctor handling a cancer, our arborists have knowledge and the right tools to perform the often, misunderstood task of pruning. We have years of experience caring for trees, and we know what keeps them healthy. We’ve been offering tree-pruning services in the Atlanta metro area and surrounding northern counties since 2010.

When we prune a tree, we preserve your tree’s health and beauty while removing unnecessary and diseased branches. Not every tree needs to be cut down and many expensive tree removals (and having to cut down a favorite tree) could be avoided by proper pruning. Before making a cut, we evaluate the situation. We consider a tree’s age, species, location and growth rate and many other factors. After everything is considered, we set to work making the needed life saving and beautifying cuts.


Tree Pruning


Pruning Gives Diseased Trees a Chance to Thrive

Unhealthy or cracked branches can break off and fall, causing damage or injury to persons and property. many people have large branches over there house that are a hazard if they become ill or too heavy. Also, disease, pests and fungus can affect the whole plant or just a portion of it. Pruning the unhealthy areas prevents the spread of the disease. Cutting off the weak part gives a tree a chance at health and improved growth.

Call a Professional to Remove Dangerous Branches

Pruning is not just for diseased trees. Overgrown trees and bushes can become a hazard. proper pruning is more than just tree trimming. It is purposeful tree trimming for the health of a tree and to avoid a hazard without upsetting the balance of a tree. A branch that’s touching an electric line is unsafe and branches overhanging your home or garage can come crashing down in a storm. This can cause massive damage and inconvenience. When a large tree has a dangerous branch, call us for help. We have the equipment and experience to safely remove it.

Some trees are healthier when they’re pruned on a regular basis. Careful cutting can keep blooms longer on flowering trees, strengthen a tree or help keep it under control. Pruning can also encourage a certain shape and limit their size. We recommend pruning most flowering trees right after the blooms fade.

When Do I Prune?

Spring bloomers are often pruned in June. Prune summer flowering trees either in winter or spring. Ask one of our arborists about the right time to service your trees.

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