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While tree removal is the choice of last resort, tree trimming is most often used to control growth. Regular trimming, cutting and pruning by a professional tree service is one of the best ways to keep your landscaping healthy and looking good.

Professional, regular tree trimming ensures that your Atlanta trees stay strong and healthy. Keeping trees trimmed and pruned not only maintains your property’s appearance, but keeps your trees and eco-system underneath healthy as well. Regular tree trimming has many benefits, including:

  • Increased wind filtration and ability to withstand storms.
  • Prevents destructive insects and fungi from making a home in your tree.
  • Thins trees of excess foliage and dead materials.

Proper tree trimming will make your property more attractive and also ensure perfect growth for your trees, shrubs, and hedges.



Tree Trimming

Yes, We Trim Bushes and Hedges Too

Are your shrubs or hedges starting to look a little overgrown? Getting them professionally trimmed will do more than just enhance their beauty: it will also make them more healthy and ensure they live longer and remain a lush vibrant part of your landscape.

Besides, appearances, when bushes begin to reach the point of overgrowth, their extra limbs and foliage become extra weight that the tree must structurally support. As well, the bush is forced to provide extra nutrients for in soil that may not support the extra need. Overcrowded branches can also limit the total amount of light the bush receives, inhibiting growth potential.


Atlanta's Trees Make Trimming Is Much More Than Just Cutting Branches

Although it may appear to be a simple task, tree trimming is a detailed process that requires expert training and professional equipment. Trees that are trimmed by our fully licensed and insured technicians are guaranteed to be free of ripped bark, stub cuts, and flush cuts!

keep in mind tree trimming affects the tree’s growth formation, it isn’t something that should be left to the last minute or for emergencies. An occasional thinning is much healthier for the tree as a whole, and it will also let the tree’s growth pattern appear more organic and not abrupt.

A proper trim will remove:

  • Branches that are dead or dying
  • Branches that are not exposed to sunlight
  • Branches that cross or rub against each other
  • Branches hanging over your roof or power lines
  • Branches that conflict with the overall form of the tree

Prep Your Home for Storm Conditions

Investing in proper tree trimming to avoid falling tree branches and power outages is not just for your property; it’s for your whole neighborhood.

We love Atlanta's trees. Our experienced tree care technicians know how trim just the right amount, in the right places, so that your tree will be healthier, and you and your neighbors will be happier.

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